Sami Mikhail, President of Precious Cosmetics is a skilled Chemist and Formulator. His own experience comes from many years of formulating for some of the most prestigious health and beauty manufacturers and distributors including Lancome, Revlon, AM Cosmetics and CMR Cosmetics

Sami Mikhail started the precious cosmetics company in 1996 to offer new and innovative high-end products that could be sold at affordable prices. Mikhail earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Chemistry and Science and pursued advanced coursework in coating technology. He previously worked at Lancome, Pavilion and Revlon Companies in Research and Development before starting Precious Cosmetics.

Mikhail’s focus on high-end, custom manufactured products at affordable prices are the company’s formula for success along with his team of experienced employees that genuinely care about the customer. The company theme is to achieve “quality without compromise at affordable prices


Our mission is to create extraordinary products that shape and set trends within the beauty industry by accelerating innovation and delivering consistently high-quality products on time and on budget.


There are four attributes that make Precious Cosmetic unique in the contract manufacturing industry:

1-Innovation – We partner with our customers to accelerate innovation by working together on great ideas that lead to growth.

2-Service – We care as much about your projects as you do. When you call us, you get a real person to handle your questions or concern.

3-Quality – We are sticklers. We have to be because we work with the highest quality brands in the industry whose customers expect a lot.

4-Integrity –We want to give you a quality product that will keep your customer coming back for more. It is good for your business, which is good for our business.



Our comprehensive list of, component and suppliers will enable you to find exactly what you need for brand recognition.
Precious Cosmetics, Inc. will partner with you to create innovative products that meet and exceed your customer’s expectations.

Our state of the art filling lines is able to attain stunning results in hot poured products.
Let us show you one of our new hot pour lip gloss creations.
Our Manufacturer is equipped with fine machines known in the industry for consistency and quality. Added efforts are taken to maintain and update machinery at all times, making sure we can cater to the demands of the market.